JT's Place (Transition Center)

What is JTs Place?

J.T’s Place is a transitional living center for residents of the CICS region who need assistance with creating and carrying out a plan to transition to a stable, affordable living arrangement that meets their needs. Transitional living services are short term services intended to stabilize and reintegrate individuals back into the community. 

Who is eligible?

J.T’s Place is available to individuals with an intellectual disability or a mental health diagnosis.  Individuals with substance abuse diagnosis are welcome as long as there is a co-occurring intellectual disability or mental health diagnosis.  All participants must meet CICS eligibility requirements.

All participants must be able to take care of their bathing, dressing, feeding, mobility and hygiene needs. 

How to make a referral

All referrals must go through the local CICS Service Coordinator to determine eligibilty.

Faith has been with Capstone since 2017. She has been in the social work field for 10 years +. Faith is the program manager overseeing JT’s Place (Transitional Living Center) – working closely with both residents and the staff that work at the center on a daily basis. Faith has a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from University of Phoenix.

For more information about this program

Please contact Faith Repp at faithr@capstonebh.com or 641-521-2910

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