Connections is a place where you can come to get support with the development of strategies to promote coping, problem-solving and self-management of your behavioral health. We want to empower you to accomplish your goals for housing, employment and any other areas of need. Connections is a safe place to socialize and make new friends!

Connections offers coffee and doughnuts in the morning hours. There are other beverage options throughout the day. There is a meal offered around the lunch hour as well.  

Connections has various activity rooms available for those seeking activities to participate in or just a common area to relax and unwind during your time at the center. 

Connection does have a donation room available for those in need of clothing, shoes, coats, gloves, etc. This room and supplies are update frequently. 

Connections staff can offer support and assist with finding housing, assistance with getting medical benefits and offering/setting up additional services/resources clients may otherwise not know about. 

Connections is located at:

306 N 3rd Ave E

Newton, Iowa 50208


729 Pearl Street

Grinnell, Iowa 50112

Connections hours of operation is:

Monday through Friday 9am to 3pm

Racheal Cupples, Director of Connections

Racheal has worked for Capstone since 2018 and has had the pleasure of getting to assist in the recovery process of many people. It is her life passion to help others, specifically in this area. Racheal grew up with 90% of her family as addicts or suffering with mental illness, so this profession is very dear to her heart. She has a lot of experience with the realness of addiction and how mental health impacts one's personal life, relationships and self-thoughts. Everyone deserves to have unconditional love, to Racheal that means she does not care where you were yesterday, or where you were an hour ago, you are wanted here, today.

So whether you are in the middle of a life crisis, a momentary crisis, in need of motivation, advice, direction or just company, Connections staff are here and waiting to give a helping hand!

Racheal is a mother of 4 and was a stay at home mom for 7 years, learning to be understanding. Being a nurturer is in her blood.

Racheal can be contacted via email at


Chrystle Colyn, Peer Support
For additional questions, Connections staff can be reached at 641-275-3516

Let us be part of the solution!